This website is provided as a service to the public by Wayne County Treasurer Eric R. Sabree. The site includes Property Tax Listing (PTL) maintained by the Office of the Wayne County Treasurer and access to electronic payment processing.

The PTL provides access to the delinquent real tax information taken from the reported tax records. As a result, the information contained in the PTL may not include all special assessments or other taxes that been assessed against a parcel.

The information provided by the PTL may be relied upon for the sole and limited purpose of obtaining the amount of unpaid real property taxes, interest, and penalties to be paid to the Wayne county Treasurer. The Office of the Wayne County Treasurer, its employees, officers and agencies, make no representation as to the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of the information provided by the website for any purpose other than as stated herein and deny any expressed or implied warranty as to the same.

Information listed in the PTL is neither a certified copy of the Wayne County Treasurer's tax records nor an official tax record of the Office of the Wayne County Treasurer. The information is not intended to be used or relied upon as an official statement of the total tax liability, if any, for all years for which taxes may be due.

Official Wayne County Treasurer tax records, tax statements, and other information regarding any property referenced in the PTL may be obtained in person at the Wayne County Treasurer's Office, 400 Monroe, 5th Floor, Detroit, Michigan 48226.

For further information regarding delinquent real property taxes, call the Wayne County Treasurer Tax Information Line at (313) 224-5990.


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